WYC Sailing

For over 100 years our sailors have harnessed the wind and driven their crafts fast and fleetly.  Sailors in our junior programs develop skill, confidence and independence, while competing at a level that’s best for them.   Adults enjoy hours of peaceful recreation, develop their own skills, and, if they choose, partake in the thrill of fleet racing.  In this age of technology, the ocean breezes in Weekapaug still have the power move our spirits, just as they move our boats, just as they always have. 

How to Participate

WYC offers a variety of kid’s programs, starting with the pre-sailing camp programs and continuing on through advanced racing in the 420 fleet.  Adults can take lessons, borrow club boats, and talk with the Beetle fleet captain about joining in the weekly races.  Please see the Classes and Calendar pages for more detail on programs and race schedules.


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