Camp and Jr. Sailing


State Covid-19 protocol requires the organizing of all camp type activities (like the WYC Junior Program) into small groups of sailors and instructors. The make-up of these groups cannot change throughout the entire session (July is one session; August is another session). Social distancing is not required within each group, but social distancing is strictly enforced between groups and between individuals from other groups. As a result, classes will never meet all together. Once we create the groups, we will create a schedule that works best for each group of sailors. Instructors will teach only one class at a time and classes and groups will be isolated from other classes and groups. Drop-off and pick-up will be staggered to prevent large groups and contact between groups. In high winds, on-land activities will be sailing focused. On rainy days classes will be canceled.

With Optimist rentals we will not have the flexibility we have had in the past. A boat may be used by anyone within a group, but cannot be moved between groups without being fully sanitized. Specifically, a boat cannot be used by a Beginner in the morning and then used by an Advanced sailor in the afternoon, even if they are in the same family, without going through the sanitizing process. Depending on the demand, we have a number of choices: (1) find more boats or (2) get really good at sanitizing boats. We will find a solution, but members should be aware that Covid-19 makes a substantial change to how we use equipment.

State Covid-19 protocol also requires body temperature recording and attestation of individual and family absence of symptoms at drop-off. This process is also required of all staff and any visitors. Written records must be kept. While a great deal of work is required to meet the state requirements for Covid-19, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our membership and staff and feel the state guidelines are both reasonable and appropriate.

KIDS CAMP – 1st Session will begin June 29th

Little Mariners (4-5 year olds, Tues/Thurs/Fri 9-12) – This class will not be offered this summer, but we look forward to resuming once again next summer. 

Junior Crew (6-7 year olds, 3-day (Mon/Wed/Fri) or 5-day 9:30-11:30) – Similar to Little Mariners, this class teaches children about the pond and beaches, how to keep them healthy, the creatures that live in and around the water and also uses this class to introduce the children to boats and sailing through games, activities and daily on-the-water outings. Children must be 6 years old at the start of the class. 

JUNIOR SAILING – July Session will run June 29th through July 24th and August Session will run July 27th through August 21st. 

Beginner Opti (Mon-Fri mornings) – This program is for sailors age 8-10 and will be offered in different sections with a maximum of 5 students per section to minimize exposure, with each student maintaining custody of one boat for the duration of the program (either their own boat or a rental that is solely theirs for the session). The program will be a hybrid of on land activities and on the water introduction to Opti sailing with the goal of minimizing contact and exposure between instructors and students. The program is designed to be active and engaging for kids to teach them the fundamentals of sailing as well as engage in fun summer activities while maintaining a safe environment. The non sailing activities will be used on days when there is either too little or too much wind to safely and effectively learn to sail and may include usage of boats around the club, beach adventures, environmental protection activities, gardening, crabbing, knot tying, building boats, and other crafts and activities. 

Intermediate Opti (Mon-Fri afternoons) – This program is for sailors age 9-12 with beginner Opti experience, and will be offered in small classes to minimize contact and exposure. This program will focus on perfecting and reviewing skills learned in beginner opti as well as more advanced sailing skills and an introduction to racing. Intermediate Opti skills include reviewing beginner skills like the points of sail, where the wind is coming from, tacking and gybing and proper form. Sailors will mostly focus on becoming very comfortable in a sailboat, while also slowly becoming introduced to racing. New skills will build on their beginner skills as well as new techniques for boat speed. Becoming at home in a boat is important in sailing and in building a foundation for racing. 

Advanced Opti (Mon-Fri afternoons) – This program is for sailors age 10-13 with intermediate Opti experience. This program will focus on racing and advanced techniques of opti sailing. We will review and perfect beginner opti and intermediate opti skills then move into racing. We will focus on boat speed and learn new skills like roll tacking and roll gybing. We will also learn about racing rules as well as tactics and strategies. Although this class is centered around racing, there is still a place for non racers. Learning how to go fast and maneuver your sailboat are important sailing skills that reach beyond racing.

Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced 420s (Mon-Fri mornings for Beginners and Mon-Fri afternoons for Intermediate/Advanced) – This program will be for sailors age 12+ and welcomes all sailing levels. Groups will be limited to 4 kids to limit exposure and contact between students and groups will be split up by skill level. This program will meet 4 times a week. We will review basic sailing techniques learned in optis as well as learn skills required for 420 sailing such as single handling a 420 without a jib and learning how to maximize speed. In beginner classes students will learn about the wind and how to maneuver the boat. In advanced 420 classes students will learn race techniques and strategies in addition to how to rig a 420 sail to go fast and how to maintain boatspeed.

BYO Sailing Adventures – Recruit friends and build your own class for Summer 2020! Please email to schedule a build-your-own sailing adventure class. 

Private Lessons – Private lessons for members of any age can be scheduled in any number of boats (beetles, 420, quest, bug, Hobie, etc) by contacting the club, either by email or phone or by filling out this form.  Lesson rates are $75/hour for one sailor and an extra $25/hour for each additional sailor.