Opti and 420 Race Teams

Opti and 420 Race Teams
These teams will be formed by interested sailors in Intermediate and Advanced Opti and in 420 Advanced. For each ECSA regatta the WYC attends, sailors will be responsible for paying the regatta fees, for loading their boats onto trailers the afternoon before the event and unloading them after the regatta. Parents are expected to help trailer boats to regattas. Instructors will be available to coach between races during regattas.

Team Racing
The scoring for team racing is different from regular regatta scoring. A team’s score is the cumulative score of all of a team’s boat’s finishing scores, with a score of 1 going to the boat finishing first.

Therefore, the strategy in a team race is for all of a team’s boats to finish as high in the fleet as possible. Thus, a team’s leading boat in a team race often tries, within the rules, to slow down a boat on another team. For example, one team’s boat might force a competitor’s boat to sail past the lay line to a mark, thus slowing it down or to get a leeward position on a competitor’s boat and luff it up so a teammate’s boat can move ahead of the luffed boat.

Many racing experts and Olympic-class sailors consider team racing the ultimate test of a skipper’s tactical skills and strategic acumen.

Team racing challenges skippers to think of the team first and to hone their strategic thinking – two skills that will serve young sailors well in their future careers and lives.