Membership Information and Fees

The membership categories for 2020 have been modified based on a review by the WYC board. See the April 1 2020 letter to the WYC membership outlining the rationale for these changes. Please note that the club’s by-laws generally require that members be property owners or renters located in the Quonochontaug Pond communities of Weekapaug, Haversham (South of Route 1A), Shelter Harbor, Shady Harbor and Quonochontaug. Please also note that only Weekapaug Fire District residents with valid beach buttons can access Weekapaug beaches. If you do not meet the residency requirements but are interested in joining the club as a non-resident member, please contact Club Manager Kate Scott.

Full Membership – Family and Individual ($625/$375)

Full members are eligible to participate in the sailing program including fleet racing, are given parking access at the club, are welcome at all club social events, have free use of sailboats, kayaks and paddle boards, can rent lockers, and are eligible to have a mooring in the harbor. Full members are also entitled to vote at club meetings with two votes allowed for each Full Family Membership and one vote per Full Individual Membership.

A Family Membership is a full-season membership for an adult couple and all immediate family members 26 or younger.

Visiting Membership – Family and Individual ($325/$225)

Shorter term visits to our pond community have become more common. With that in mind, the club will offer a two week Visiting Family Membership and a two week Visiting Individual Membership. These memberships will be non-voting and will extend to those members all the privileges of the club except the right to have a mooring. This will allow visiting families to enroll their children in the sailing program and attend social events during their visit.

Individual Junior Membership ($250)

This summer the club will offer those in our pond community who are between 21 and 30 years of age a new non-voting Individual Junior Membership. This membership will extend all the privileges of the club, except the right to have a mooring, to the individual member.

Social Membership – Family and Individual ($350/$250)

Families and individuals who will not be participating in the club’s sailing program, including fleet racing, do not need a mooring, but who want to attend club social events, park at the club, and rent sailboats, kayaks and paddle boards, can sign up for a Family Social Membership or an Individual Social Membership. Social memberships will be non-voting.

Guest Policy

Members are welcome to bring guests to the club, whether to attend social events, as crew in fleet races, or to enjoy our beautiful pond in a kayak or paddle board. It is the club’s policy that guests must be accompanied by a member at all times as members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and any damage to club property. Guests will be charged a rental fee for using kayaks and paddleboards and must sign required waiver forms. There is no strict limit on the number of times a member can bring a particular guest to the club, but in the spirit of fairness to club members, the Board asks members who bring frequent guests to encourage them to become members in any of the many membership categories available.

Visiting grandchildren under age 26 under a Full Family Membership or Visiting Family Membership are treated as members of the member’s household with access to club privileges. This is intended to allow grandchildren staying with their grandparents to participate in the sailing program or kiddie camp. However, visiting grandchildren accompanied by their adult parents are encouraged to sign up for a Full Family Membership or Visiting Family Membership so the adult parents can also use the club.

Club Offering Full Membership Visiting Membership Junior Membership Social Membership
Sailing Program
Fleet Racing
Mooring Access
Social Events
Locker Rentals
Free Use of Sailboats, Kayaks and Boards
Dues Family/Individual $625/$375 $325/$225 NA/$250 $350/$250