BYO Adventures and Free Sailing


For those parents and children who liked the informality of the Adventure A/B programs, which has been eliminated for 2019, the Club is introducing a Build-Your-Own Adventures and Free Sailing program.

Some examples of Build-Your-Own Adventures or Free Sailing programs could be:

1.     A group of three friends over 12 years old want to play Star-Wars themed games in kayaks and paddle boards on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for three weeks.

2.     Two 10-year-olds want to have swimming lessons on Tuesday morning and want to Free Sail Optis on Saturday mornings for two weeks.

3.     A father and daughter want to sail a Quest or 420 on Sunday morning, August 11, to watch the final day of races of the Leo Telesmantick Beetle Cat National Championship regatta.

In all of these situations, a parent would contact Club Manager, Kate Scott, and work out the details of renting boats, scheduling swimming lessons, scheduling private sailing lessons and scheduling an instructor.

For safety reasons, children 11 or younger must be accompanied by an instructor.  For children 12 or older, parents might prefer that an instructor, even though not required, is present.  Instructors will be paid applicable hourly rates ($50 an hour for Family Members).

BYO Adventure and Free Sailing sessions are encouraged (the more creative and fun, the better); however, the activity must be safe, sportsmanlike, respectful and non-disruptive of other sailing activity.

Days, Times and Duration


Age Group and Previous Experience

Children 11 or under must be accompanied by an instructor.  No previous sailing experience necessary unless a sailboat is part of the activity, then sailors must pass a sailing competency test.

Boat and Equipment and Rain Days

Boats – TBD. A USCG approved personal flotation device (PFD) is required. Rain Days –TBD.


Applicable instruction and boat rental fees will apply.   If a child is in an Opti program and renting a boat, that boat may be used without paying a rental fee.


The goal of a BYO Adventures and Free Sailing program is to allow children and young people to have free play and free sailing time on the pond.  Children are much more creative than older people who design structured sailing programs, so the WYC wants to let them build their own programs as long as they are safe, sportsmanlike, respectful and non-disruptive of other sailing activity.