Beetle News

July 1, 2018

The 2018 Beetle Racing Season got off to a promising start on a lovely, sunny day with nine boats on the line for the Fourth of July Cup Race in medium air on the third pond. Everyone was shocked, shocked that Bill Boll won the day with two firsts and a second. Richard Chase, with a steady tiller hand, sailed consistently well with a second, third and fourth to come in second for the day. To no one’s surprise, Nonie Price won a race, and Steve Glovinsky came in third for the day with 12 points — a fourth, a fifth and a third.

July 8, 2018

On another beautiful day on the third pond in medium air, the ever-steady Richard Chase won the day with a third, a second and a first. Bill Boll won the first race, but finished the next two races in fourth place, and came in second for the day. Scott Wakeman celebrated his return to the pond after a two-year hiatus with a fourth, a second and a third to come in third for the day. It was good to have Scott back on the pond, competing with his usual vigor. The July series is off to a good start with a strong fleet of competitors. It was also good to see that half of the fleet’s skippers are women, and that Carol Carmody and her crew Susan Kelly’s finishes were much improved over last year. It will be a great July series.

July 15, 2018

The prediction last week that the July series would be great held up in week number two in moderately heavy and shifty winds during four races. Bill Boll was almost unbeatable with three firsts and a third, which gives him 14 points for the first two weeks. Close on his stern was Richard Case, who had a third, a second, a third and a first to end the day with nine points and 14.75 for the two racing days in the July series. Scott Wakeman sailed consistently well except for the last race. Scott had a second, a third, a second and a seventh to come in third for the day and third for the July series with a total of 23 points. Lucas Wiatrowski, sailing Geri Abdoo’s Holly Golightly, sailed well and was a able to maintain Geri’s fourth place in the July series. Congratulations to Lucas for a gutsy performance in some challenging conditions. Can anyone challenge the Boll-Chase duopoly? We’ll see next week.

July 22, 2018

Races were cancelled because high winds were forecast.

July 28, 2018

On the second pond, in light air, eight boats hit the starting line for five races on the last day of racing in the July series. Steve (“Light Air”) Glovinsky figured out in the first race that the pin end of the starting line was heavily favored and won the day handily with 10.5 points — two firsts, a second, a third and a fourth. Bill Boll and Richard Chase tied for second with 14.75 points each, which allowed Bill to squeak by Richard by just one point to win the July series. “Light Air” Glovinsky came in third for the July series. Nonie Price sailed will in the light air, won a race and came in fourth for the July series.

August 5, 2018

On the third pond on a day that started out in medium air, but calmed down to light air for the last race, Bill Boll had two firsts and two seconds to win the day handily with 5.5 points. As usual, Richard Chase, sailed well and had a a first, a second and two fourths for 10.75 points. All the sailors welcomed Bill and Liz Adams back on the pond, and Bill sailed well to challenge Richard Chase for second place for the day. Bill had a seventh in his first race, but improved steadily for third, a second and a first in the last race for a total of 12.75 for the day. “Light-Air” Steve Glovinsky proved again that he does well in light air and had two fifths, an eighth, but when then wind declined for the fourth race, he got a third to come away from the day with 21 points, which was the same score Nonie Price and Geri Abdoo had. The fleet also welcomed Ted Sherman’s son, Andy Sherman-Ash, who sailed well in Anne Earle’s boat, Bumpo, and probably would have done better for the day if he had not been over early in the second race. The first day of racing in the August series showed how competitive the fleet has become — competitive that is in catching up to Bill Boll and Richard Chase.

August 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12 began like most other days of racing Beetles on Quonochontaug pond this year — trying to catch up to Bill Boll and Richard Chase — and it ended the same way. In medium wind from the south on the third pond Bill Boll had two firsts, a third and a fourth to end the day with 8.5 points — the same score Richard Chase had with two firsts a second and a fifth. Scott Wakeman with a fifth, a second, a sixth and a second (15 points) sneaked by Bill Adams who had a fourth, a fourth, a third and a fifth (16) points. Geri Adboo and Nonie Price both had 18 points for the day to once again demonstrate that the Beetle fleet is tightly competitive. Steve Glovinsky did not race because he was sailing in the Leo Telesmanick National Beetle Championship Regatta in at the Bass River Yacht club on Cape Cod where he came in fifth overall out of 23 boats and was second in the Ancient Mariners division. Congratulations to Steve.

August 19, 2018

The only skipper to catch Bill Boll on Sunday, August 19, was Bill Adams. Bill Boll won three races and came in second in the fourth race in heavy air on the second pond for a total for the day of 4.25 points. But what a fourth race! Bill Adams got off to a start that most skippers only dream of. He port-tacked the seven-boat fleet and got off to a perfect start at the pin end as the wind shifted and several boats couldn’t make the starting line on starboard tack. Bill Adams sailed really well and had a fifth, two seconds and a first for 9.75 points for the day. Steve Glovinsky sailed consistently well with two thirds and two fourths for 14 points, the same score Scott Wakeman had in tying Steve for third place for the day with a second, a fourth, a fifth and a third. Richard Chase was off his usual game and had 17 points for the day. Next Saturday, in the final race of the August series, Bill Adams and Richard Chase are only 1.75 apart for second place, so it should be an exciting day in the battle for number two in the August series.

August 25

On a beautiful,warm August day of racing on the second pond in medium-to-light air, Richard Chase won the day with two firsts and two thirds. Bill Boll had a three seconds and a fifth to place second for the day, and Bill Adams had a third, two fourths and a first to come in third for the day, edging young Lucas Wiatrowski, sailing Geri Abdoo’s Holly Golightly. Lucas came in fourth for the day with a sixth, a second a fourth and a first as he edged out Bill Boll by a nose in the final race. All the sailors in the fleet were delighted to see the young skipper do so well.

That evening at the August Awards ceremony, Bill Boll won both the August series and the season with an impressively low season score of 56 for a total of 27 races in July and August. Richard Chase was second for the season and Steve Glovinsky took home a third-place trophy for the season. And an excellent season it was, with only one day of racing cancelled because of high wind. And even though Bill Boll, Richard Chase and Steve Glovinsky won the trophies, the fleet was highly competitive this year with Bill Adams, Scott Wakeman, Nonie Price and Geri Abdoo all pushing the the leaders to sail their best.

September 1, 2018

In medium air on a bright sunny day on the third pond, the Race Committee, consisting of the brothers Sherman, set a long course in challenging, very shifty south-east winds for the final race of of the 2018 season. In the first race, Richard Chase figured out the left side of the course was favored, took advantage of 40-degree lifts and won handily. Bill Boll came from third to take the lead on the long up-wind leg and won the second race. Nonie Price figured out the shifts in the long third race and finished first at Judge’s Rock, the traditional finishing area for the Labor Day Cup race. Bill Boll won a cup for first place with a first, a second and a third (5.75 points). Nonie Price took home second-place iron with 6.75 points, and Richard Chase was third for the day with a first, a second and a sixth (8.75 points). All agreed that the summer sailing season ended on a perfect note on one of the loveliest days of the season.