Beetle News

July 4, 2019

The 2109 summer Beetle racing began as eight boats sailed in shifty air on the third pond for the annual July 4th Cup Race. The wind shifted dramatically in the first race on a modified triangle course. Bill Boll played shifts well and won the first race, and won the day overall with 4.75 points.

Nonie Price played the shifts well and won the second race, and was second for the day with 5.75 points. Jason Gefaell sailing with his twins, won the third race. Jason switched skippering with his brother,John, and the two came in third for the day with 12.75 points.

July 7, 2019

For the first race of the 2019 July Series, there was a strong north-by-northeast breeze on the third pond as eight boats competed in four races. In the first race, it looked like Nonie Price was going to break the Bill Boll monopoly as she came in first. Lucas Wiatroski, skippering Geri Abdoo’s boat as Geri crewed, sailed well and came in second. Bill Boll was third. This unusual third-place finish must have motivated Bill, because he won the next next three races, which gave him 5.75 points to win the day.

Lucas Wiatrowski, in Geri Abdoo’s Holly Golightly, edged Nonie Price out for second place for the day with 13 points (a second, third, third and a fifth). Nonie, with Lucas’s brother, Adam, as crew, had 13.75 for the day with a first, a fourth, a fifth and a fourth.

In the last race, without the dead weight of Charlie Warner, Julia Bradford, with svelte crew Margaret Phillips, came in second.

The record for family participation in Beetle racing goes to the Wiatrowski family: Lucas skippering Geri Abdoo’s boat, brother Adam crewing for Nonie Price and mother, Amy, crewing for Steve Glovinsky, who was fourth for the day.

July 14, 2019

On  a beautiful day in medium, shifty air with six boats racing on the third pond, Bill Boll again won the day with a third, two firsts and a second for a total of 6.5 points for the day.  Nonie Price, sailing with Adam Wiatrowski as crew, was close behind Bill Boll for the day with 7.75 points (a first, two seconds and a third).  It was good to have Richard Chase and his crew Anne Earle back on the pond, and Richard celebrated his return with a second, a fifth, a sixth and a first to come in third for the day with 13.75 points.