2019 Leo NOR

New England Beetle Cat Boat Association

Leo J. Telesmanick Beetle Cat Championships
Saturday & Sunday, August 10 & 11, 2019

Hosted by Weekapaug Yacht Club, 23 Spray Rock Road, Weekapaug, RI 02891

  1. ELIGIBILITY – This regatta is open to Beetle Cat sailboats conforming to the current NEBCBA Class Regulations as printed in the 2013 Handbook.

Membership in NEBCBA is required for all skippers. You may join at the regatta.

  1. RULES THAT APPLY – The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, except as modified by the Regatta Sailing Instructions provided at registration.
  2. REGISTRATION – Written entries are due in advance using an official entry form available on the NEBCBA and WYC websites. Mail the completed entry form and payment to:

Ted Sherman
246 N. Bridebrook Rd.
East Lyme, CT 06333

Entries, with fees included (check payable to Weekapaug Yacht Club), must be received by August 1. A late fee of $20 must accompany all entries received after this date or filed at the beginning of the regatta; all registrations must be received by 0900 on August 10. As part of the registration process, each individual participating skipper will be required to sign a declaration accepting a disclaimer of liability. Regatta fees are indicated on the entry form. Questions about registration may be addressed to ted_sherman@watkinson.org (preferred) or 860-908-4408 (phone or text).

  1. SCHEDULE (Times are subject to change as conditions indicate)

Friday, August 9 Early Check-In                1100-2000

Saturday, August 10 Final Check-In         0700-0900

Skippers Meeting                                                      0930

Harbor Start                                                              0945

First Signal on Race Course                                   1015

Competitors ferried in for lunch                           1230 (approx)

Last race begins no later than                                1600

Dinner followed by NEBCBA Annual Meeting   1800

Sunday, August 11 Harbor Start                  0930

First Signal on Race Course                                   1000

Last Race begins no later than                              1300

Lunch                                                                         1330 (approx)

Awards and Final Results                                      1430 (approx)

  1. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS & COURSES – Sailing Instructions will be available at check-in. Races will be held on Quonochontaug Pond, which lies between Charlestown and Weekapaug, RI. Depending on wind direction, courses may be triangles or windward-leewards. The race committee may employ an offset mark to windward and a gate to leeward. All courses will be outlined in the race instructions and posted on the course.
  2. SCORING – The low-point scoring system, Appendix A, of the Racing Rules of Sailing will apply. One throw out race will be allowed if 6 or more races are completed. A DSQ may not be thrown out. One race is required to be completed to constitute a series. First place will be awarded .75 points; ties broken first by best throw out, then by finish in last race.
  3. PENALTY SYSTEMS – Two turns (a 720º) are required after a foul.
  4. PROTESTS – Protesting boats will be required to hail the boat being protested and to fly a red flag as soon as possible. The manner in which the Race Committee will handle protests will be announced in the Sailing Instructions.
  5. AWARDS – The Leo J. Telesmanick trophy will be awarded to the overall winner of this regatta. Trophies will be awarded to the top three skippers and crews in the following divisions: Junior (18 & under), Women’s, Men’s, Old Salts (50-69) and Ancient Mariners (70 & over). The Chairman’s Trophy will be awarded in the fall NEBCBA Board of Governors meeting to the yacht club that has at least three boats entered and has the best total finishing scores.
  6. SAFETY EQUIPMENT – NEBCBA Class Regulations require all Junior participants (18 & under) to wear a US Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times on the water for this regatta. It is also required to have a rescue whistle attached to the PFD.
  7. SAIL NUMBERS – All boats must have a distinct sail number. Any duplicate numbers will need to be temporarily altered for participation in this regatta.
  8. DINNER AND NEBCBA ANNUAL MEETING – A lobster dinner, followed by the NEBCBA Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, August 10, 2019, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Weekapaug Yacht Club. All friends of the Beetle Cat are welcome. Use the entry form to reserve your dinner.
  9. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY– Competitors agree to be bound by the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race. Competitors agree to take any and all responsibility for the nautical qualities of their yacht, the rigging, the crew’s ability and the safety equipment. Competitors also agree to take any and all responsibility for damages caused to third persons or to their belongings, to themselves or to their belongings, ashore and at sea as a consequence of their participation in the regatta, relieving of any responsibility the Weekapaug Yacht Club and all persons involved in the organization under whatever qualification and to accept full responsibility for the behavior of the yacht’s crew, representatives and guests. In any case, competitors agree that the Weekapaug Yacht Club and its officers have no responsibility for injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to, any vessel or property. As part of the registration process, each individual participating skipper will be required to sign a declaration accepting this disclaimer of liability.